Bed bugs found in Australia’s beds

Bed bugs found in Australia’s beds

A team of scientists from the Australian National University have been studying bed bugs for the first time in Australia. 

The scientists are analysing the insects and using the results to build a model to better understand the potential spread of the bed bug.

The scientists found that in Australia, the bed bugs that are most common in older homes are in the homes of the older people. 

Researchers are also looking at how different kinds of bedding affect the spread of bed bugs. 

Scientists say the scientists believe that a bed bug-free Australia could help reduce the spread and cost of bedbug-related illnesses in Australia and beyond.

The research team are also trying to understand how to keep people from becoming infected, with a focus on the use of bed nets.

Professor Dr Paul Smith from the university’s School of Biological Sciences said the research could help with the prevention of bed bug outbreaks in older Australians.

“We can look at bed bugs in people and the effect of bed-net use on bed-bug transmission in people, but the actual transmission is something that is not well understood,” Professor Smith said.

“There are different ways to do it, there is the use and control of bed netting, there are things that are not as effective, like using a mosquito repellent.”

Professor Smith said that the researchers were trying to figure out how bed net use affected the spread.

“How long did people use a net?

Were they using a bed net for a very long period of time?

How did they acquire the bed net?” he said.”

This is the part of the research that will tell us.”

Professor Smith also said that it was important to understand the impacts of bednets on the spread in older people as it could be important in terms of prevention of the spread, but he said that this research would not tell us how effective the netting is.

Dr Simon Cottrell from the University of Melbourne said the team was looking at the impact of bednet use by older people on the transmission of bedbugs.

“The bed net is actually a really good bed net to have, it’s not a good bed-sitting net to put around the bed,” Dr Cottrel said.

“So the idea is to put a bed-nets on it and make sure you’re really putting the net over the bed and away from the windows.”

But in older houses the bed nets may have been worn out and people may have moved around and that’s where the bed-bugs might be.

“Dr Cottoll said the findings of the Australian research were important to the wider community.”

It is important to consider what the potential impacts are for people in older dwellings.

“There’s a lot of evidence that people living in older households are at greater risk of bed insect transmission,” he said.””

There is a huge gap between what we know about bed net usage and what we’re doing in the community.

“The researchers say they will use their modelling to work out how the spread could be reduced.”

For instance, we know that we can reduce the risk of transmission from people living at the same house, so how can we reduce that risk?

“Professor Smith asked.

Professor Cottell said the researchers would be looking at different kinds and types of beddings and also the use by individuals and groups of bed curtains.

He said it was also important to think about what people would do if they did not have bed nets around their home.”

If people do not have beds with nets around them, we would be concerned about people getting bedbugs,” he explained.”

When we do find evidence of a higher risk of spread in a community where people are using nets around the house, we need to know more about that community to make sure we can prevent transmission.

“Researchers say it’s important to work with older people to reduce the transmission.”

They are the ones that are the biggest contributors to the spread,” Dr Smith said, “and it is their homes that they should be working with and protecting.


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