The Sport Bib’s ultimate waterproof sleeping platform

The Sport Bib’s ultimate waterproof sleeping platform

With the Sport Bib, the most popular and durable waterproof sleeping system on the market, you get the perfect fit and feel.

The SportBib is designed to be used with either a wide-angle (wide-angle head) or narrow-angle/dual-density (dual density head) design.

The Wide-Angle head design offers better flexibility for the widest range of head shapes, while the Dual-Density head design is ideal for sleeping in a narrow-angled position.

The SportBibles built-in water bladder and adjustable mattress are the perfect complement to this system.

With its waterproof construction, the SportBibe can be used both as a sleeping pad or as a mattress, both of which are great for long-term travel and sleeping in small spaces.

The waterproof head design allows for optimal comfort and ventilation while still providing a supportive platform for your head, allowing you to sleep comfortably even when it’s wet or cold.

The integrated bladder system allows for even greater comfort and ease of use, and also helps keep your head cool and dry.

The Flexible sleeping pad features a built-up, padded support for maximum comfort and comfort.

The wide-angled head design helps to maximize comfort and mobility in a wide range of sleeping positions, while providing you with a comfortable, supportive platform.

The Flexible sleep pad has a wide base and a cushioned head, which can also be used as a pillow or to lay down in.

The flexible bed also features a headrest to support your head while you sleep, allowing for a more comfortable sleeping position.

When sleeping on the flexible bed, you can move around the sleeping area with the included strap, and even sleep on the sides of the bed if you prefer.

The included foot rest can also help you get more comfortable.

The wide-Angles head and the DualDensity bed are both designed for a wide variety of sleeping situations.

The DualDdensity head is designed for comfort while sleeping on a narrow angle (wide angle head) bed.

With the Wide-angle design, the head is also wide enough for most sleeping positions.

For more information about the Wide Angle and DualDimensional designs, please refer to our Wide Angle article.

The Sports Bib features a water bladder system, which is the same design as the Flexible bed, but with the added feature of a water bottle pocket.

The water bladder allows for easy access to the water and your favorite drink.

With a water-bottle pocket, you don’t need to carry extra water bottles to the sleeping pad, which allows for more convenient use.

The water bladder has two sections, one for each of the two sleeping positions: Wide Angle, Wide-Body, and Dual Density.

The wider sections of the bladder allow for more surface area to allow for a longer, comfortable night.

The two wide sections can also accommodate extra pads for extra comfort.

The built-ins of the Sport Bibs waterproof head and water bladder can be folded down to make a simple and easy to use travel bag.

The bag is designed with a large pocket that holds all of your essential gear, a pocket for your passport and travel ID, a small pouch for your wallet and phone, and a small pocket for water and a water purifier.

The fold-down design can be easily adjusted to any size of bag, which makes it a great travel bag for day trips or longer travel.

The sport Bib is designed so that you can sleep comfortably and comfortably for the entire night.

With multiple configurations of the Wide Angles head, the wide angle sleep pad, and the dual density sleeping pad for more comfortable sleep and support, you will never be too tired.

The built-ups of the waterproof head allow for better comfort and durability, while also allowing you the ability to adjust the height of the bag for different sleeping positions or sleeping position options.

The adjustable and customizable straps can be adjusted to match your comfort level and fit.

Each strap has a unique buckle, which will also change with the water bladder you use.

The adjustable straps are great if you need to adjust your sleeping bag, but also provide additional support for the body while you’re sleeping.

The molded-in pads can be worn over or under the foam pad or over or over the padded support.


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