When will the King Dome be back?

The King Dome was the first indoor football stadium built in the United States and the only one built to the NFL’s specifications.

In its original configuration, it was built to be used in the playoffs of the NFL Network and a few other games.

It’s been the home of the Dallas Cowboys for nearly 30 years.

The Dome will be returned to use as a training facility, home of several local pro sports teams, and the home for the NFL Dallas Cowboys until 2020.

There will also be a new version of the stadium that will have a retractable roof, a retracting concourse and a new roof with a retractible roof.

The new dome will be the tallest in the league and will feature an artificial turf field that will be much bigger than the original dome.

The stadium will also have a new scoreboard, the new “Romeo and Juliet” marquee and a “Seahawks” logo.

The team will also change the logo to “Dalton” and it will have the name of the team changed to “Dallas Cowboys.”

Here’s a look at what to expect at the new Dome: The Dome’s retractable canopy: The dome will have retractable walls on both sides of the dome, which will be covered with a soft material that will allow it to move when the sun is low in the sky.

It will be made of a light-reflecting material that can reflect the sun and will extend the dome into the sky when the roof is partially uncovered.

The canopy will be constructed using a new material that uses the same technology that makes the roof of the New York Yankees stadium, which is the highest-rise indoor stadium in the world.

It is made from a blend of carbon nanotubes and carbon fiber.

The dome’s retracting roof: The retractable structure that covers the Dome will also extend to the roof.

It uses the most advanced materials and materials to make it possible to withstand the temperatures that are required to be in the Dome.

The roof is made of carbon fiber, the strongest material in the universe and one of the most stable materials.

The retracting canopy also has a solar panel and it is connected to the dome using two cables.

This means that the Dome can be fully solar powered.

There is also a solar roof at the end of the retractable system, which extends the roof into the Dome, making it more stable.

There are two panels that extend from the roof to the retracting panels.

The panels are made of polycarbonate and they are attached to the two retracting cables.

The sun will shine through the retractor panels and the light will reflect off the solar panels.

It’ll be a little bit warmer than it was before, which can help with the cooling and drying of the Dome during the winter.

The indoor field: The field will have artificial turf that will increase the temperature inside the Dome by about 6 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for more humidity and moisture to enter the Dome’s air and the humidity and humidity will help the Dome stay cool.

The field is being made of natural grass and it has been designed to have a high humidity level, which makes it more resilient.

There’s also a special system in place that will help cool the Dome down during the spring, summer and fall.

The ball is going to be located on the ground with a raised platform on which it will be held.

The turf will be treated with an advanced synthetic material that is designed to make the field feel like grass and not a hard surface.

The goal is to create an environment that is similar to the grass field, but that feels like the grass that the Cowboys played on during the 1990s.

The ground will also also be treated for a natural grass coating, which helps the turf absorb the moisture.

The grass will be replaced in the winter by grass that will grow on a plant-based system.

The solar panel system: The sun’s rays will be reflected off the retractors, which are solar panels that are attached by two cables to the Dome roof.

They’re designed to reflect the sunlight back at the Dome and help to cool it.

The light from the sun will also come from the retracters and be reflected back into the air.

This will help to reduce the humidity inside the dome by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature inside will be reduced by about 30 degrees.

The fans will be removed and replaced by the solar array, which uses a technology called photovoltaic.

The system will provide a huge energy return on investment to the stadium.

There have been many complaints about the Dome heating issues, including that it was too hot and that it didn’t get enough shade during the summer months.

The current plan is to bring in solar panels to the indoor field that are set to receive about 100 kilowatts of energy per square meter.

The first of those panels was installed in September and is expected to be operational by March.

It was installed by the end the season and it was reported that the fans and retractors will be


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